Ai-assisted Writing How to Optimize Your Articles

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Ai-assisted Writing How to Optimize Your Articles

Do you work in the field of natural referencing or content marketing? Are you a freelance web editor? Wish you could write better for the web and faster? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, the following should interest you! What if artificial intelligence could make you gain in productivity, traffic and SEO positions? Attractive, right? In any case, this is what one of the winners of the Lépine competition, Pierre-Yves Landanger, with his tool, intends to help you achieve. Summary : Optimizing articles for SEO using artificial intelligence: how does it work in practice? The tool is based on artificial intelligence to help you optimize your content written for the web . But, in practice, how does it work? Mandai Wildlife Reserve A Message from Mandai Wildlife Reserve Discover Asia’s First Brickosaurs World Enjoy 40% off admission combo to

Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Join us to discover Asia’s First Brickosaurs World! SEE MORE thematic choice To start, you need to tell the AI ​​the topic, or rather, the query you want to target with your content. step 2 choice search engine Mandai Wildlife Reserve A Message from Mandai Wildlife Reserve Discover Asia’s First Brickosaurs World Enjoy 40% off cell phone numbers for sale combo to Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Join us to discover Asia’s First Brickosaurs World! SEE MORE Next, you will need to choose the search engine you want to target first. You will have the choice between Google and Bing and Yahoo. The algorithms of these search engines being different, you will have to make a choice. If you are targeting most European markets, we highly recommend selecting Google, but I don’t think you would have done otherwise anyway.

You Will Then Have Three Options: Importing

An existing text the of a web page already online from a blank page. choice of text to optimize After validation of this step, this is where the AI ​​comes into play. Search intent analysis , semantic analysis , competition analysis , and identifying common denominators in the contents of top-ranking pages. All of these processes and analyzes are launched simultaneously to provide you with semantic. Recommendations that will then help you write a content that performs better in search results, as quickly as possible. Next comes the recommendation phase. The tool then provides you with a comprehensive list of 25 words that. It strongly suggests you use in your article. In our example, we have chosen the “boat shoe” theme. (By checking the “white page” option) and here is the list of keywords submitted by the AI ​​in just a few seconds.

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Keyword suggestions The automatic semantic helper software does not ask you to include absolutely all of them in your content, but recommends a selection that it considers relevant. In our case, we should use 15 of the 25 suggestions made to maximize our chances of creating relevant content. The eyes of Googlebot (we had chosen the “blank page” in the previous options). For neophytes, Googlebot is the crawler of Google, the search engine that we previously selected in the tool interface. Once the selection of keywords has been made, recommends that you: 1- Click on your basket to find your selection. 2- Create (or modify) your text to include the selected words (modify or add sentences according to your case). 3- Test (or re-test) your content and renew the operation until you obtain an optimization score of 80% .

Once You Have Completed This Step the Tool Will

give you recommendations of questions that you should possibly answer in your content to offer the maximum precision and additional information in your article. Doing so will maximize your chances of positioning yourself in the PAA (People Also Ask) insert but also in position 0. In addition to the web interface, you can also choose to install the Chrome extension developed by the tool to be able to activate it on any page of your choice while browsing. AI is great, but how is useful for SEO optimization of content? is nothing more than a (powerful and intelligent) virtual assistant for writing . You can very well do without it and manually analyze each SERP (results presented on a search engine results page), but it would take you several minutes, even tens of minutes for

the less initiated, in order to identify the search intent preferred and favored by. Google as well as all the keywords you should use in order to maximize the of your content to the favorite search engine of the French. For its part, in a few seconds. Spares you these searches and synthesizes everything for you into a list of keywords pre-selected for their relevance according to the search intention preferred by the search engine you are targeting. The tool also analyzes the existing to provide you with an optimization score. And personalized interface that does not allow the preview of the results in real time.

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