Ai, a Connected Tool at the Service of Humans

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Ai, a Connected Tool at the Service of Humans

AI challenges our reason for living together, in our social, societal, technological and philosophical organization. What will our future world be like if intelligence is no longer the exclusive property of multiple and complex Man; but who leaves the space of subjective decisions to an algorithm whose aim is to make the emotion felt simple? The goal is not to take control over intelligence but to establish a complex and ambiguous paradigm allowing our emotions to be captive and free! And thus take “power” over what for the moment still makes our difference, between us Men and machines: namely our heart, emotion! We have unknowingly entered the continuity of a world: “In search of lost time…”.

Between a space in motion, fantasized and structured, always between interiority and exteriority; to undoubtedly direct us towards a rediscovered time, that of the quest for meaning! Culture RP wanted to know the opinion of an expert, Delphine Sabattier , Tech IA & Humans journalist, Teacher at the EFJ, former Editorial Director of Ukraine WhatsApp Number List 01netTV, columnist on RMC, BFM business and BFMTV… What do you keep from those past years? What was the best day of your professional life? I don’t feel like I have a past life and a different one to come. Rather that of an exploratory journey in a world that is constantly combined with the future, that of new technologies.

What Do You Keep from Those Past Years

I learned to put myself in a listening position, looking for the slightest rustle, perhaps the announcement of an upcoming earthquake. The micro-shocks that interest me sometimes lead to nothing, but others create profound changes in our society. I remember, for example, that in 2002, the day when I discovered, in a small Haussmann salon transformed into a den of geeks. The first box in the world, the Freebox, I felt that I was holding something very new in my hands. Which was going to have an extraordinary resonance. I didn’t know precisely what, how, to what extent the arrival of the box was going to explode the world of telecoms. Our web consumption, digital entertainment. However, I had this intuition that we were at the start of a great story.


For me and my colleagues at Science & Vie micro, they were more than unlimited broadband Internet users: they represented a new generation of citizens. I could also tell you about the birth of e-commerce or failed revolutions, such as Wap on mobile, before the emergence of the iPhone. These great moments, markers in the history of new technologies, taught me the importance of taking innovation seriously , of assessing the issues and possible impacts. It may seem paradoxical, but it is this curiosity fueled by enthusiasm that allows. Us to move more cautiously into the future. Trying to understand what’s going on as soon as possible and making it known with the utmost honesty that could be my mission statement. In the field of technologies, this requires having a keen sense of popularization.

What Was the Best Day of Your Professional Life

I love it, allowing as many people as possible to consider transformations with lucidity! What will be the roles and impacts of Artificial Intelligence in our professional, human and ethical changes. The missions and evolutions of the profession of journalist in the future: transformation or mutation? Today what we can see of artificial intelligence is a new tool. A toolbox, more precisely, which gives digital transformation a big boost. More concretely, AI makes it possible to gain understanding of a subject, to refine our analyses, to validate trend predictions more solidly, to adjust forecasts. Nothing magic, just a technological leap to inform decision-making.

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