Advantages and Disadvantages for a Freelancer

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Advantages and Disadvantages for a Freelancer

In 2010, there were approximately 21,000 people working in coworking spaces. They are now nearly 1.7 million,” notes a recent study by the consulting firm Knight Frank . What is coworking? Coming from the field of the collaborative economy, this new organization of work is based on two notions, the sharing of the workspace and the network . Indeed, these places promote networking, cooperation and, by extension, creativity and innovation. However, is this type of structure made for you? before you go in this direction, weigh the pros and cons! Culture RP helps you in this task by listing the advantages and disadvantages of coworking. For Flexibility Imagine a fully equipped workspace: wi-fi, printer/scanner, meeting rooms, kitchen, all in a pleasant and modern setting.

The time of sinister offices and rental constraints is over, you are free! Sociability Working from home can be alienating, the advantage of the collaborative workspace is to break the routine and the isolation . You can work alone and concentrate Ghana WhatsApp Number List being surrounded by coworkers to chat and take your mind off things. Sense of belonging to a community Coworking is more than a workplace, it’s a community! These enthusiasts form a stimulating whole and a positive emulation to move forward in its projects. In addition, these places regularly organize events, conferences, networking aperitifs to bring people together and share experiences. Home Office Edlv GIF by Erika De La Vega – Find & Share on GIPHY Motivation Anyone who has ever worked from home knows how difficult it can be to concentrate on some days with so many distractions.

Sense of Belonging to a Community

Also, going out to join a dedicated workspace will give you the necessary framework organize. Your day and seeing other active coworkers will boost your motivation. In addition, receiving your customers in a professional place will always be more suitable than in your living room. Well-being The work environment has a huge impact on motivation and productivity. So it is only logical that the search for well-being at work has taken on such an important place in recent years. Places designed to gain serenity and efficiency , generally bright. They are based on the fluorescent lighting of traditional offices. In addition, this type of solution allows you to really disconnect and find a better work/personal life balance.


So be sure to consider this cost before making your decision. Lack of confidentiality Designed to be user-friendly, spaces are either open or glassed-in. So you’ll have to get used to potential distractions and everyone seeing you and hearing your conversations. Even with a private office. Confidentiality is at the heart of the concerns of many professionals. If it is also yours, this type of organization will probably not be suitable for you, especially if you are concerned with professional secrecy . Noise Coworking is a place of life and exchange that can sometimes be noisy! You have no control over what surrounds you: the meetings of other teams, the volume of your neighbour’s music, phone calls, etc. This can be a hindrance for workers who appreciate calm and silence.

Lack of Confidentiality

Distraction The events organized throughout the year to bring the place to life are all distractions that can distract you from your task. Friendly and stimulating coworking certainly, but also time-consuming! watch out for talkative coworkers who might waste your time. Location The concept may be democratized, but it remains the prerogative of large cities, in which most coworking is concentrated. This lack of accessibility can therefore discourage potential freelancers looking for a shared space. To finish In short, coworking is an interesting alternative for a freelancer or a start-up wishing to start a project in a motivating and friendly environment. Conducive to meetings, flexible, modern coworking also allows you to get out of isolation and to delimit your private life from your professional life. However, this solution can prove to be restrictive in the long term.

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