Add a Google Search Bar Below Your Site in Search Results

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Add a Google Search Bar Below Your Site in Search Results

After an A/B testing phase conducted on many large well-known brand sites. Consisting of integrating a search bar above the site’s sitelinks. Google decided to generalize the practice to all sites wishing to do so. Google recently announced this new. Integrated search device before the sitelinks on search queries related to the brand of the website, here are some explanations in English. Summary : Google offers you to integrate a new search. Bar above your sitelinks: You will now be able to integrate a search bar directly under the address of your site in. Google when a user has typed a query about your brand name.

As an example for Leptidigital, this search bar will be displayed when we have integrated the appropriate markup and when a user types “Leptidigital” or “” into Google. This search bar will allow Internet users to directly find the information they are looking Singapore business fax list in our articles from this new Google search bar. How does this new search bar work? Concretely, if you decide to integrate it into your site, the user who will do his research in the latter will obtain the same results as if he did a direct search of the “site:” type. For Leptidigital for example, if the user uses the keyword “Google”, this will amount to performing the following command directly in Google: “ google”. This command will therefore only give results referring to “Google” in the Leptidigital.

New Google Search Bar for Leptidigital

If you have an internal search engine, with the correct markup. Google redirect the Internet user directly to the search page of your internal search engine. which can be really very interesting for E-commerce sites. especiallyAt least for a few months. This is indeed what he announced on his last blog article entitled “ On Leave ”. Matt Cutts announces that. He had promised his wife to work for a few years and then to be more present for her, so that’s what he intends to do for a few months. The head of Google’s anti-spam fight will therefore no longer be reachable by email from next week, so it will be a total.

Disconnection for the Google framework which is likely to please a large number of people working in SEO! He also announces that his return should take place around October. Is this the end of Google anti-SPAM updates? Surely not “reassured” Matt Cutts by saying that his team of engineers was surely better than him in the fight against SPAM. On the other hand, one can wonder if Matt does not leave for a few months and then come back and change domains. John Muller to replace him? John Muller, Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google, is increasingly present on social networks and now answers many questions from

Seos About the Functioning of Google’s Algorithms.

He will therefore be an essential person to follow and on whom we. Will to count in the coming months to stay tuned to the news of the favorite search engine of the. FrenchMatt  Cutts announced today, on his Twitter account, the penalization of. Buzzea , a company specializing in connecting website publishers and advertisers wishing to buy links in order to improve their SEO positioning. Summary Here is the famous Tweet from Matt Cutts announcing Buzzea’s penalty: After having penalized several English-speaking link seller networks such as Backlinks .

Decided today to attack a network of French-speaking link sellers, Buzzea . Buzzea is of course not the only player in this market. So we can expect further jolts in the link buying sector in the coming weeks. Before announcing the news. Matt Cutts also insisted that they had recalled the rules on link buying more than a month ago via this page in French . Reminder of Google’s guidelines when selling links. As a reminder if you publish a sponsored article on your blog or information site. Google asks you to systematically put the links in rel=”nofollow” so that they do not transmit PageRank and thus do not benefit from the improvement. positioning of the site that will receive the links.

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