Account the Time Taken Feed After Clicking on an Article,

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Account the Time Taken Feed After Clicking on an Article,

In order to limit the effects of hype headlines on its algorithm. In 2015, facebook also started to take into account the time spent watching posts on the news feed even if no interactions are generated (reaction, comment or share). Summary : 1st algorithmic update: the time spent reading articles via facebook! Facebook hourglass in a recent announcement dated april 21, 2016 , facebook announced the ongoing deployment of a brand new update to its algorithm incorporating some new features. Time spent reading an article or watching a video matters to facebook.

In its effort to offer ever more relevant content to its users. Mark zuckerberg ‘s social network will now predict the time spent on each article or. Video when the user uses facebook’s mobile application to browse the web. Facebook will analyze the time spent between the Uruguay whatsapp number list leaving the news feed. To a website or a video and returning to the news feed . Thanks to its analyses, facebook will be able to predict the chances that the user will want to click and read the news that facebook will send back to him.

Probably Using Machine Learning Techniques,

this new intelligent facebook algorithm will able to bring up the articles. And videos that it considers more suitable for the user . How did facebook make this new algorithm reliable. This new algorithm will not be impacted by the length of the content and the. Loading time of the sites when calculating the time spent on the articles since it will study a certain threshold only when the page is fully loaded on the user side. Facebook also added that it would take. Into account the same way the time spent reading traditional articles and instant articles published on its platform.

2nd update: always more diversity, always less redundancy. While this update will allow facebook to better distinguish articles that interest internet. Users in order to offer them this type of article more often in the future in their news feed. The social network has indicated that it is also deploying in at the same time an update limiting the possibility that several publications. From the same page end up in a row in the news feed of its users . However, this latest update to the facebook algorithm will not impact users who wish to receive content from a specific page first.

Facebook Algo Updates: What Impact on the Pages?

As always, facebook indicates in its official communication that the. Pages should be little impacted these two updates of the algorithm . The deployment of these two new features related to the ranking algorithm of facebook posts. In the news feed are currently being rolled out in the united states and around the world. It may therefore well be that impacts (both positive and negative) may. Observed on your pages over the next few weeks.a locowise study of nearly 1,000 facebook pages with no less than 291 million likes brings.

us interesting data on the use of videos on facebook by brands. Summary : 47% of facebook pages do not publish videos. This may seem surprising when you know how much facebook is currently pushing the reach of videos in the news feed of its users. But no less than 47% of the community managers whose pages were studied almost never. Publish videos! 33% of pages that post videos only posted one in 1 month the locowise study identified 527 pages that posted videos to animate their community.

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