According to the latest statistics from SEMrush

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According to the latest statistics from SEMrush

which is based on the analysis of the 300 largest publishers from 8 different countries. Nearly 26% of French publishers have already adopted AMP against still 74% preferring a “classic” responsive mobile version. . Which are the most important French publishers to have adopted AMP? What are common mistakes in setting up AMP? Here’s our recap based on SEMrush data. While the rate of adoption of AMP is gradually growing in France and around the world,

just over 74% of the largest French greece phone number like are still shying away from this format, which is acclaimed by Google. Also read: AMP: the last 5 news and important announcements! Summary : The 20 most visited French sites using AMP: Wondering which big publishers have adopted AMP to date in France? SEMrush sent us, exclusively for LEPTIDIGITAL. A list of the 20 most visited French sites (according to their tool) that have implemented AMP . To date, the two most important French sites to have set up (and maintained) AMP are L’internaute and 20Minutes

Most Visited Amp Sites in France According

To the ACPM Update 10/31/201 following the publication of this article .Virginie rightly noticed that a few sites were missing from the SEMrush ranking. Which is based solely on traffic estimates from their tool. The ACPM  the alliance for press and media figures, offers official AMP traffic data (OJD) for all certified sites.

While not all media under AMP are certified this top 10 ranks French websites according to their total.  Monthly AMP traffic and not their estimated total monthly traffic: top amp sites france. The data was collected and formatted Virginie Clève with the ACPM’s August measurements Common mistakes in setting up.  AMP In this infographic, SEMrush offers us a small comparison of the. AMP adoption rate among large publishers in 8 large countries around the world, followed by a recap of the 10 most common errors in its implementation.

Compared to Other Countries, France Is, with Brazil,

The country with the lowest adoption rate with only 25.7% of publishers having adopted AMP. In the United States, the rate of adoption of AMP is much higher with no less than 34.9% of publishers seduced. If you have a responsive site you generally don’t have much to do except check that you have the same. Code and the same content in the mobile version. If you do not have a mobile site or if the latter is on a subdomain with completely different content from the Desktop version Google will initially continue to use the.


Desktop version of your site to position it in its search results (mobile and computer) until the full deployment of the mobile-first index (which does not seem to be expected before 1 or 2 years a priori). If you do not have a mobile site, Google will continue to use your Desktop version to position. Your site on mobile and desktop search results for a long time several months or even years. Its positioning on mobile should be negatively affected at the same level as it is currently until the full deployment of the mobile-first index.

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