A Visual Strategy Probably

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A Visual Strategy Probably

Do you recognize that? Still, ideas for content are really everywhere, but you need to know where to look. For example, consider Customer feedback Blogs you follow yourself. That’s how I got the Costa Rica Phone Number List idea for this blog after reading an article from the Content Marketing Institute. Colleagues from other teams. What do they hear from customers?

Says Something To Most Marketers

Where do they get their professional information from? And get together to make a list of the fifty most frequently asked questions by customers. You can move forward! Subscribe to newsletters from competitors or other newsletters in which you will find professional information. Twitter Relevant LinkedIn groups and follow the comments in that group General news sites.

Still An Unknown Concept

Costa Rica Phone Number List

Turn on your content radar Everything I read or see triggers a sort of ‘can I do something with this? I have a folder in my mailbox in which I keep interesting content. Often from newsletters that I receive or, for example, a question from a customer. Furthermore, I still leaf through all the trade journals and tear out interesting pages. I simply document all ideas in a Word file.

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