A Study on the Criteria That Affect the Positioning of

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A Study on the Criteria That Affect the Positioning of

Google My Business pages Not very transparent on the question, how does Google decide to highlight X or Y results in its top 3 visible to the Internet user? Are there, as with traditional SEO, positioning factors that more or less influence the positioning of Google My Business pages on these searches with local intentions ? A recent study conducted in the United States provides some answers. For the purposes of the study, Local SEO Guide partnered with the University of California to study the impacts of more than 100 positioning factors on more than 30,000 company pages .

The 4 main positioning factors on Google My Business are: 1 / Quality links ( backlinks ) : we know the importance of links in traditional SEO. What is more surprising is that the latter also influence, according to the study, the positioning of Google My Business Cyprus WhatsApp Number List in the local results presented by Google to its Internet users. To reach this conclusion, the study relied on data from the Majestic SEO tool (Trust Flow, Citation Flow, AC Rank, etc.). It also seems that backlinks with optimized anchors still work very well on My Business pages! 2 / The quantity / quality of the content and the keywords : just like for traditional SEO, the study reveals that the Google My

Business Pages with the Most Optimized Content

Are often those that rank best on Google. The volume of content, the optimization of the latter with keywords and synonyms therefore. Plays a very important role that should not be overlooked. 3 / Signals on Google My Business : to be well referenced on Google My Business, a good description as well as a large volume of links will not be enough to make the difference. Against rivals who are also good on these aspects. Google My Business thus uses a battery of signals that it will cross-check to determine whether it should highlight X or Y pages instead.


These signals include: – the number and quality of reviews present on the page. The presence or absence of photos of the company , – the association of the page with a verified Google account. Of keywords in the name of the company (keywords on the sector of activity and not the geographical location. LEPTIDIGITAL communication agency” and not “LEPTIDIGITAL Paris. Communication agency” 4 / The PageRank of the My Business page : if the PageRank Toolbar is dead.  The study reveals that the PageRank of the page has a strong influence on the positioning of the latter.

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First point on the influence of the backlinks towards the page. Here is the detail of the influence. Of the different factors on the positioning of. Google My Business pages: google my business ranking factors. Factors that have little influence on the positioning of My Business pages surprisingly. A few traditional ranking factors do not seem to influence the ranking of Google My Business pages in Google search results. Here are the main ones. Adding location-related keywords : according to the study, it would be almost useless to add location-related keywords to the My Business page.

This observation is valid both for the title of the My Business page and for the body of the content. 2 / The volume of links. The number of citations does not seem to be the most important factor for Google. It is therefore better to have few links from authority sites than many links from less authoritative sites. Positioning factors specific to. Google My Business (formerly Google Places) Please note. These positioning factors are different from local SEO. positioning factors which do not concern. Google My Business results but the other natural results present on the page.

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