A ski trip to Mount Pocono in the dead of winter

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A ski trip to Mount Pocono in the dead of winter

Take George, long known for his tiring, bumpy and cheap bus routes to Florida, as one of the drivers of the minibus. Adam, constantly trying to live out his fantasies of “ground pilots” like other Sidoni van drivers, whose list of alternative names is so long that no one remembers his real name; Annie as resident complainer; Joseph, whose anger was so widespread that he could easily melt snow on the other side of the mountain; and Monica, whose Austria phone number list persistent and ubiquitous cough was close to the equivalent of a fast machine; and you’re betting on a one-day, business-related, synergistic mix of what is superficially referred to as a “mid-winter ski trip to Mount Pocono.”Mind you, this revelation is not an attempt to judge: we all have something and you must love it. But all day long …!To prepare for the band, Mike and I left the night before, filled up and stopped for dinner at New Jersey Jewelry. I understand he just adopted the New Jersey state slogan: What’s that smell?When Mike, the creator of the idea for a ski trip, arrived at our hotel on Mount Pocono at 11:45 am, he pulled his suitcase out of the jeep and walked across the parking lot in freezing temperatures. He looked at me with responsibility and guilt, broke the silence, and said, “OK. You can get your revenge someday if you plan a beach trip on a day hotter than Hell!” I’m about to smile,

but my mouth is too frozen to move.We walked a mile from the lobby to a very large room decorated with sofas and immediately looked out the window to admire the view of the mountains. Instead, we saw a radiator that belonged to the next room.Mike noticed his reluctance to get up early (I don’t really have a clock with a “morning” number) and tried to approach the object with caution.”We need to talk about when to wake up tomorrow,” he said wistfully.I only saw him.”The group will be here at 9:00 am.”I only saw b2c phone list her one more time.”We have to wake up at …””It’s too early,” I spat.What will you convey-“Under any circumstances!” I answer.I didn’t even give him time,” he insisted.”That’s not necessary,” I advised. “Everyone’s too early!”I almost felt sorry for him for my resistance. I almost said! After all, it’s my tired ass, not hers.”I’m sure you’d leave at 7am and be here at 9am,” he tried to think.Unfortunately, for the first time in six months, I realized that I knew him and that he was being scammed.

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