A renewable and sustainable company that is worth investing in

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A renewable and sustainable company that is worth investing in

Each company offers unique features that make them a leading runner. To cut back on the long list of clean companies that are worth investing in, let’s start with the crème de la crème on the top 5 list.

Odersun AG is at the top of the list and leading the solar module business. The German company, founded in 2002, is the first to produce  Denmark phone number list silicon-free solar modules. This company has investors from all over the world. As of February 2008 Odersun AG has successfully received 90 million US dollars from Bradenburg and investors. If you want to try investing in a solar module company, Odersun AG is the best for you.

Deep flow technology is the future of all chains. This UK-based renewable energy company introduced People of the Year 3000 to their 3D sensor technology that can add intelligence to everyday electronics and even infrastructure. Make sure this 3D scheme allows for customer satisfaction and a cost-effective solution. In 2006, 3i, Europe’s leading venture capital and private equity firm, joined Deep Stream as its newest investor, investing £ 8.1 million to expand the reach of the company’s decision-making platform.CamSemi is a leader in energy management programs. As a result, CamSemi technology is installed in most laptops, televisions, cameras and handsets. In standby mode, this device consumes little and almost no electricity. Renewable energy solutions as this technology is proven to be more effective than other solutions on the market. In May 2008,

the BankInvest group of Denmark raised $ 8 million from companies to bring more energy efficient integrated circuits for energy management to market.SiC processing reduces the cost of silicon-based photovoltaic modules by building new ones from old ones. They specialize in the recovery and recovery of materials that can be recycled using modern equipment. Cheaper supply of silicon to solar module manufacturers makes production cheaper than other companies. In November 2008, SiC processing announced a full 200% increase in production in 2010.Marine Current Turbines b2c phone list is ranked fifth. It is the longest running renewable energy company on this list, founded in 1989. As of 2008 it was also the lowest number of employees with around 15 employees. It draws large amounts of electricity from tidal currents and develops ocean energy. Working with SeaGen, Marine Current Turbines began installing the world’s first commercial tidal turbine.

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