A New Update of the Google Algorithm on September 11?

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A New Update of the Google Algorithm on September 11?

While Google hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet and will always tell us that these updates are very frequent. Those that have a significant impact on many websites are not that frequent. The latest is that of August 1, 2018 which had moved the world SERPs quite a bit , not just in France. Summary : What impacts observed in France? Here is an overview of the fluctuation of mobile and desktop SERPs in France over the last days of September (Source SEMrush): google update september 2018 Overview of the fluctuation of French SERPs around

This new algorithmic update is therefore certainly less powerful in appearance than that of august. But many sites seem to have been impacted positively and negatively. For my part, on the sites that I manage, the impact seems rather positive at first sight  sell your mobile number uk I focus my actions a lot on the content and the technical quality (optimization of the mesh, the crawl budget, …), less on the netlinking ). What impacts observed in the United States? google update september 11, 2018 usa Overview of the impacts of the September 11, 2018 update in the

Opinions and Feedback to Share on This

United states a lead to avoid  and Desktop are impacted the same way according to. SEMrush data, so this new Google algorithmic update should  normally not be related to mobile-first index or load time mobile . Here are 3 things to check  the crawl and the logs  is Google able to crawl the relevant pages of your website properly. Are they the most visited pages when you perform log analysis?


Are useless duplicated pages correctly  to prevent Google from wasting too much time on them. Content is always very very important for Google make sure you don’t produce pages with thin content. Duplicate content or spinned content, you could take a pretty severe blow have you recently acquired a large number of links (different from the usual)? Links with a similar profile? With overly optimized or similar anchors?

Have You Been Negatively Impacted?

Links from sites that only sell links? Google does not like those who manipulate it via links, be careful… Opinions and feedback to share on this new Google update? Feel free to comment on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn if you have any leads, feedback or points to share. September 11, 2018 with the comparison of desktop VS mobile queries We can clearly see a clear fluctuation peak on September 11 with a peak of 7.3 for queries tracked in the desktop version .

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