A New Search Console Report for Voice Searches?

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A New Search Console Report for Voice Searches?

Google, through John Mueller announced that they are currently working on a new. Search Console report that could soon allow webmasters and SEOs to analyze the voice searches used Internet users to access websites. Edit 05/19/2016 Sundar. CEO of Google, announced that voice searches now represent 20% of all searches made from mobiles. The announcement of the arrival of this new report was made via John Mueller in a recent. Hangout dated May 6, 2016 . John is one of the most active.  Webmaster Trends Analyst on social networks (including Google+).

In this last Hangout, John Mueller mentioned the upcoming arrival of a new feature. Allowing webmasters to separately analyze queries from traditional searches on mobile. Tablet and desktop from those made through the voice search feature of Google . Concretely Estonia WhatsApp Number List Mueller indicated that the functionality they were currently working on internally could allow a. Search Console user to isolate queries from voice searches from others (via an additional filter, for example). If it sees the light of day, this new feature would be added to the recent research analysis report launched in May 2015. As a reminder this Search Analysis” report from Search Console allows any SEO to know, with much more precision than. Google Analytics  the queries generating SEO traffic to a site in general or to a type of page more accurate for example.

A New Report Difficult to Set Up but Under Development:

John Mueller indicated that it was currently not easy for them to set up this new report because of the very structure of voice searches . Indeed, the latter being very rarely identical, it is difficult for Google to group them together and then display them in the Search Analysis report of the Search Console under a single query with a sufficiently large volume for it to be displayed. . John added that they are currently investigating the issue internally to find a solution. According to him, the most obvious would be to set up a filter allowing the user to dissociate voice searches from traditional searches carried out from a keyboard.

We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we have more on this There are fierce opponents, unconditional fans, but above all there is one truth: the search engine, and a fortiori Google, has become the benchmark for attracting natural or paid traffic to a website. And yet, the trend is to open up to other sources of traffic than Google. Social networks in mind, but above all all forms of subscription and creation of recurring traffic to a site. We are no longer simply aiming for traffic, but truly qualified and recurring traffic, a source of loyalty and a priori better business opportunities.

with Inbound Marketing and Its Media Logic

As a good example we are gradually moving towards marketing in the form of four. Quarters as a recipe for perfect marketing. Exit the long tail exit the obligations of SEO optimization at all costs and if we. Focused on a logic of media to succeed in bringing back. The audience naturally and other than with web searches? Summary : 1. The observation. Natural search traffic too slow to generate and difficult to conclude Yes, natural search traffic remains strong, but in the short term. Creating an audience and retaining it no longer simply requires an SEO strategy.

It is obvious that wanting to harvest free traffic is a very effective long-term strategy. And if you succeed, it’s through a real content strategy and a thoughtful investment without which you won’t succeed. A very successful long-term strategy, but that is not the only source of traffic to hope for. While having a cost, it is advisable to identify the generating sources of the traffic best adapted to its activity. So wouldn’t the best return for a merchant site simply come from the relevant traffic generated by natural referencing in search engines? 2. Emailing best practices: simple and easy to renew traffic.

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