A Major Algorithmic Update from Google Following the Indexing Problem?

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A Major Algorithmic Update from Google Following the Indexing Problem?

On Sunday April 07, 2019, the main tools for monitoring the evolution of search results noted.  A  strong turbulence on the Google SERPs (search results pages). Could the latter be due to the recent problem encountered by certain sites which saw some of their pages deindexed for no reason. On Google Since last March’s Google Florida 2 update  which was announced as one of the biggest in recent years.  Search results had remained fairly stable with SERPs fluctuating indicators between 2 and 7 on average ( for SEMrush). Sunday April 07 on the French market the SEMrush Sensor indicator soared with a peak of 9.

2 , unheard of for several months! Google update closely at the impacted sectors.  All of them had an index above which is very unusual for an algorithmic update from Google. Looking at other tools that analyze the volatility of SERPs. We also note significant mobile phones greece  shows the evolution of queries located on page 1 of the results of Google US search: Google update April 7 For its part. The Rank Ranger tool also indicates strong turbulence since. Friday  when the indexing bug was revealed Google update 07 April If Google has not officially communicated. On a new update, the latter encountered a major indexing problem impacting an undisclosed quantity. Of pages and websites from Friday April 5, 2019.

Google Indicated That This Bug Should Be Resolved by

Tuesday evening April 9th ​​if everything goes well and works as expected. Webmasters and SEOs have nothing to do except submit their de-indexed. Strategic pages for indexing via Search Console if this were the case and if they cannot afford to wait for their scheduled automatic re-indexing by Google. A major update to correct this indexing bug could therefore well  the cause of this high volatility observed between 07 and 08 April. If this unclaimed update does not seem to impact the sites because. Of the usual criteria such as the relevance of the page to the user’s request, the loading time of the page of destination. The quality of the content or the incoming links to the pages of a site. It remains relevant to dig on the sites that you manage the

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Progressions and decreases observed to analyze what could be the cause if similarities are found. Between rising pages and similarly for all falling pages.  Similarly, On my side on the managed sites, strong  and negative fluctuations were noted but mainly on  which were not present in the top 10. The  in the top 10 remained fairly stable. With fairly stable positive and negative fluctuations. usual given the level of competition Update of April 12, 2019: Google finally announced that it had completely fixed the problem on April 11. If the fluctuations observed return to normal around this date. It is  probably because you were affected by the problem of de-indexing some of your pages. In conclusion,  With regard to digital marketing  developments in and automation have a . Considerable impact on the way of understanding internet research.

Rank Brain Uses Machine Learning to Better Understand

The meaning of content and deduce the search intentions of Internet users. Thus the search results are increasingly refined to provide  most relevant and  answer to the user. Thanks to AI  companies today can develop new research insights.  Automate time-consuming tasks and personalize the journey of users on their site. Let’s see in this article written by the SKA Agency (natural referencing agency), how to use these levers and what practices to adopt to improve your Google referencing. Summary : 1- Use the full potential of keywords There are many keyword research tools out there. From the tool  you can Collect keywords Group them by lists of several keywords. Around your main target keyword Generate queries that represent the. Highest potential among related keyword groups

Thus instead of creating 4 separate pages to position you on 4  queries.  Moreover, The tool will find you the query which will allow you in a single page  to. Position yourself in the search results on all queries  similar. 2- Audit  classify and optimize your current pages To do this you just need to group your pages by. Clusters with a page that links to groups. Of sub-content which are all linked to the content of the pillar page. This distribution of pages allows Rank Brain to better understand.  Your content by detecting the superior authority of your  page over the others.  Content in the rankings is in line with your editorial strategy and the

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