A Conversion Funnel Is A Way

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A Conversion Funnel Is A Way


To classify and organize the different stages that consumers go through, from when they generate a need until they decide to fill it and become customers. This funnel is divided into three phases called TOFU, MOFU and BOFU. Different stages of the conversion funnel Advantages of using the conversion funnel It allows us to know what is the percentage of loss of users of our website in each of the stages in order to find a solution. Our goal should be to reduce that percentage as low as possible.

Or, put another way, that the users who go through the different phases are as many as possible. The conversion funnel can be of great help to us, since in addition to its metric function, it can also help us Macedonia whatsapp number list our plan in the different phases. And thus, make the best decisions about what to do in each of the stages in which the user advances. It is vital for sales and marketing departments to be connected and work towards common goals.

As Our Website Improves

the type of lead that will reach the sales team will be highly prepared for the sale and with which the sales team will have very little difficulty closing the deal. It helps us calculate the return on investment ( ROI ) of our campaign. One of the most common mistakes in an online marketing campaign, and especially inbound marketing , is to focus efforts on attracting the largest number of customers, that is, placing users in the widest phase of the funnel,

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which is why sometimes we we forget to improve our relationship with the clients we already have. What are the stages of the conversion funnel? TOFU stage (top of the tunnel). It is the first phase, the discovery phase. In it, the user detects that he has a need and begins to look for information to solve it. At this stage, you must act by providing general information about all our products and services. Therefore, it is here: -Blog articles.

In Them You Can Talk About News Or Market Trends

Publications on social networks that invite your followers to interact to generate engagement. These can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn… -Videos with tutorials. In them you must show explanations on how to use your product. MOFU (middle of the funnel ) stage. In this second phase, the user begins to assess the different options and begins to show consideration and interest in our products.

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