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If you’re interested in Google SEO, chances are you’ve heard of Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines! The latest version was released on October 14, 2020 with a few key changes and additions. Here is a summary of what to remember and still be valid in 2021. Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines: what are they? The Google Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines are a guide given by Google to those men and women who rate the relevance and quality of search results on behalf of the search engine. Hired by third-party companies on behalf of Google, these Quality Raters are responsible, after analysis, for evaluating the quality of the search results provided by Google on certain queries as well as the quality of the pages that come up first on these search results.

To help them know how to evaluate search results and their relevance according to Google’s criteria, the search engine provides them with its Search Quality Evaluator’s Guidelines , a 166-page support freely accessible to all full of good information when ‘we are a webmaster or web professional who is interested in SEO. Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines 2021: what are the latest changes? If you’re expecting major changes, you’re going to be disappointed. However, combined, they all deserved a full document update according to Google, so they still have significant importance to the search engine. Here is a summary of what has evolved/changed: The concept of “EAT” (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) is now often replaced by “page quality” in the document Interstitials that follow (or not) the scroll of a user on mobile

And invite him to download the application with few means offered to escape it are considered a poor quality experience by Google: previously, Google considered this practice as bad only if it was a popover with an ad that was difficult to close (see section 6.4).Thus, the fact of having made public this guide of more than 160 pages can help you to understand certain SEO elements but it will especially help you to understand how to improve the quality of your website in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of Search Quality Raters. Google Search Quality Raters are individuals like you and me who are paid by Google to rate the quality of websites and the quality of search results returned by the Mountain View search engine. What are the most interesting elements of these Search Quality Guidelines to study? Among the interesting elements that emerge from this document, the notion of Main Content and Supplementary

The expertise of a content creator/author can be assessed beyond textual content by Search Quality Raters. Google now invites them to analyze the photos and videos produced by this content creator when he demonstrates his expertise (the example is given in the context of a DIY site for example) (see section 11.0). If a page does not add value or useful information to the query, even if the site is of excellent quality and looks serious, Search Quality Raters are invited to rate this page as of “Low Quality” (see section 15.0). Search Quality Raters will now assess the relevance and quality of the results offered for voice searches. The Google search quality guidelines are a set of criteria that have been drafted by

Google had so far only made such a document public in 2013 . Intended solely for its search results evaluators, the “Search Quality Raters”, Google has just published the 2015 version of this document, which was first revealed to the general public in its complete version in 2011 following a leak. Summary : Warning: search quality guidelines have nothing to do with ranking factors, even if some elements are linked! The Google search quality guidelines are very interesting to study to understand what Google considers to be a quality site, an authority site. However, these guidelines are not an exhaustive list of positioning factors on Google . Google for Search Quality Raters, these men and women who evaluate the quality of websites and the results returned by the Google search engine on certain queries.

Content are two notions that you should absolutely study, this notion explains in particular why the links located within the articles are considered by Google as more important than the links in sidebar or in elements of the site that come up in many places. What is also very interesting to study in this document is the set of examples presented by Google as pages of very good quality and those of lower quality. These numerous examples are perfect for concretely illustrating and understanding what is considered good and less good in the eyes of Google. The notion of PQ (Page Quality) is of course crucial in this document, so it is strongly recommended that you study it carefully (starting on page 58 in particular). This document also shows us that Google is much more demanding with certain websites, this is particularly the case for sites classified in the YMYL category (Your Money Your Life).

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