67% of Tiktokers Have Bought a Product After Seeing

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67% of Tiktokers Have Bought a Product After Seeing

Despite all the obstacles and controversies that it has had to face, nobody denies the power of attraction that tiktok has on users, an attraction that is growing since only during the first quarter of 2020 it achieved 315 million downloads. Tiktok is undoubtedly the social network of the moment, and this is a power that both marketers and tiktokers have taken advantage of. Xii study of social networks 2021: tiktok and twitch, to the assault of the classic networks. Facebook in decline but given the unstoppable growth of tiktok, it is necessary to analyze the consumption habits of tiktokers, and to publicize the trends of this social network, socialpubli carried out the marketing study with influencers on tiktok, which presents an overview of the present and future of influencer marketing campaigns on the platform.

Most of the tiktokers belong to generation z the study was carried out through an online survey of 1,865 tiktok influencers registered with socialpubli and advertisers who work with the tool during the month of march 2021. According to the research, tiktokers are the new generation of influencers that has been born through this social network of young people for young people since 54.8% of those surveyed belong to generation z, while 40% are millennials. Another relevant fact is that, of the total number of users surveyed, 66.2% are women. Time bd phone number  on tiktok has surpassed time spent on facebook for the first time content consumption habits on social networks have changed with confinement, and tiktok is no exception.

Time Spent on Tiktok Has Surpassed Time Spent

However, it is notable that a significant 73% of those surveyed have declared spending between 1 and 5 hours a day connected to the application, followed by those who use it more than 5 hours a day (19.9%), and only 7.1% say they spend less than an hour a day on the social network. It is not surprising that during the pandemic the penetration of the use of tiktok has increased: 37.7% of those surveyed started using the social network between 6 months and a year ago , and 19% less than 6 months ago. 86.5% of those surveyed claimed to use the platform more since the beginning of isolation, and 34.6% consider that they have tripled the time they use tiktok since then. Regarding published content, 30.5% of tiktokers stated that they post at least once a day.


Followed by 21.1% who post 2 to 3 times a day, and 13.5% who post more than 5 times a day. Times each day. Comedy and dance predominate on tiktok tiktokers. Have made good use of their time on the platform: 17.3% say they recommend brands or services. In their posts from one to four times a week, 5.7% do so once or more a day. The influence on the purchase decision is such that. According to the study, 67.9% of those surveyed said they. Had bought a product after seeing a publication from someone they follow. This confirms the effectiveness of influencer marketing in TikTok. Tiktok launches its lead capture tool to help brands get registrations. If you have entered TikTok, you know: the most popular content is a comedy (70.4%), and one of the most used hashtags is #comedy.

Comedy and Dance Predominate on Tiktok

And beyond the content of a comic nature. Dance TikTok’s are another of the most popular genres on the social network (58%). In addition, tutorials (48.4%) and challenges (42%). Are positioned among the popular and viral content that both contents. Creators and brands take advantage of to conquer young people. The tiktokers more than half of tiktokers follow 5 brands that have been able. To adapt to this new entertainment: 50.7% of users follow less than 5 brands on the social network. While 29.2% between 5 and 10 brands. And this is a figure that the study predicts will continue to rise. As more and more companies start their marketing campaigns on this platform every day. By sectors, fashion (83%) and beauty (80.8%) are undisputed. Leaders among tiktokers and brands that have been able to adapt their content to micro-videos.

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