3 Ways to Train in Seo in 2017

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3 Ways to Train in Seo in 2017

Are you still a student, interested in SEO and want to make it your job. Are you currently a digital professional but this string is missing from your bow. You currently working in a world that has nothing to do with the web but want to know more about SEO? Are you already a SEO but want to improve your skills? Here are three complementary ways to train in SEO in 2017. Follow a course specializing in the web and SEO Currently in France, only a professional license is really specialized in SEO. Called “ ATC Professional License: SEO & Web Editor ”, this one-year professional license takes place in Mulhouse and accepts candidates who have a minimum Bac+2 level.

For future students who want to learn SEO in addition to other web skills, other less specialized but also very interesting courses also exist right out of high school. From schools specializing in the web (eg Hetic, the Internet and Multimedia Institute Benin WhatsApp Number List EEMI Web School Factory, etc.) to IUTs and universities (eg: IUT michel montaigne, Paris 8 University, etc.), many courses now exist and allow training in SEO while acquiring other skills in the web professions. 2- SEO agency training for professionals Many SEO agencies now offer more or less advanced training depending on the level of their interlocutor.

These Training Courses Generally Provided Senior Consultants,

are intended for a variety of audiences from the SEO project manager who wishes to improve his skills. To the digital project manager who would like to specialize. The marketing manager who wishes to obtain a better overall understanding of this free traffic acquisition lever. Some agencies, such as. Offer OPCA and DIF eligible SEO. This agency has distinct programs aimed at different levels. The Essentials” program for beginners the “Advanced” program for managers who need a global vision and the. Expert” program over 2 days for more senior profiles wishing to approach much more advanced SEO concepts. Of course other agencies and training centers also offer interesting programs, so we invite you to compare them all before making your choice.


3- Learn alone with books internet meetups conferences and webinars. If you are more the type to want to learn on your own without outside help, know that many. SEOs are self-taught and that it is perfectly possible to train on your own. Start with the basics with books to get started on this path, reading a few books on SEO basics is usually a good start, although it won’t be enough. Participate in SEO events We also recommend that you participate as much as possible in. SEO events, conferences and meetups organized throughout France. These places of exchange are very interesting for confronting ideas and asking questions.

The Seo Camp Association  for Example,

Organizes a good number of events (SEO Camp Day but also the SEO Campus. Meetings that are very popular with experienced SEOs but also with future SEOs. Of course the SEO Camp association is not the only one to organize events, other conferences often take place all over. France (SEO by Night Que Du Web, Webcamp SMX Paris Salon E-commerce. Meetups organized by companies specializing in SEO like Botify are also very good opportunities to exchange with professionals who manage important sites.

Webinars dedicated to SEO issues and broadcast for free on the internet via platforms. Like Webikeo are a very good way to improve on specific aspects of SEO depending on the topics covered. The interlocutors who present these online conferences are generally senior SEO consultants who evolve in specialized agencies. Test your knowledge on your own sites. The best way to train in SEO is then to practice testing your knowledge on your own websites. With WordPress. You can create your own website simply and inexpensively it is an ideal platform to start and test your. SEO knowledge acquired through the various means presented in this article.

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