2nd Update: Always More Diversity, Always Less Redundancy!

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2nd Update: Always More Diversity, Always Less Redundancy!

While this update will allow facebook to better distinguish articles that interest internet users in order to offer them this type of article more often in the future in their news feed, the social network has indicated that it is also deploying in at the same time an update limiting the possibility that several publications from the same page end up in a row in the news feed of its users . However, this latest update to the facebook algorithm will not impact users who wish to receive content from a specific page first. Facebook algo updates: what impact on the pages? As always, facebook indicates in its official communication that the pages should

Little impacted by these two updates of the algorithm . The deployment of these two new features related to the ranking algorithm of. Posts in the news feed are currently being rolled out in the united states and around the world. It may therefore well be that impacts both Ukraine Whatsapp Number List and negative may be observed on your pages over the next few weeks. Have you noticed a recent abnormal fluctuation (positive or negative) of your positions and your seo traffic. On one or more managed sites? Do not hesitate to leave a message on twitter to detail. Your response (positive or negative impact for example): what do the tools that follow the fluctuation of the serps say.

Overall, All the Tools That Track the Fluctuations of the Serps

Are unanimous: an algorithmic update from google seems to have taken place. Between june 23 and june 26, 2017 . Semrush indicates strong fluctuation from june 24, 2017 semrush’s serp fluctuation tracker indicates high volatility in organic search results since june 19, 2017 with a peak on the 24thas for moz’s mozcast tool, the latter seems to have panicked since june 23, 2017 even if the whole month of june has almost been spent with a serps fluctuation index greater than 100… It makes you wonder whether the tool always manages to detect real fluctuations or not…

testimonials in france and abroad that seem to support the thesis of a global algorithmic. Update on the famous seo webrankinfo forum a user shared his feedback (his post has not yet received any response. Google update message june 2017 webrankinfo abroad. An officially confirmed google update. Confirmation shift google john mueller as often. Google has not officially confirmed this new update. John mueller was content as usual to answer that “yes updates are very often deployed”. June 2017 seo update.

A Preferred Type of Update We Do Not Currently Have Enough

Visibility and elements to identify a possible type of google update. We will keep you informed as soon as we more elements to offer you a relevant analysis.from now on, new engagement criteria taken into account on videos to determine whether they should promoted to reach a wider audience or not. Among these criteria, facebook will specifically look at videos: whose users have authorized and mounted the sound which will have been. Put in full screen (full screen) which viewed in their entirety these same criteria. Of course be used to determine which videos facebook users do not want to see in their news feed.

In other words, the more videos the user engages with, the more videos they will be likely to appear at the top of their news feed . Even non-like, comment, and share engagements now counted facebook as an engagement element. Conversely, if a user passes very quickly on the video content, the latter will be located rather at the bottom of his news feed. If you work in community management, facebook algorithmic updates are to you what google updates are to seos . In 2014, facebook changed its algorithm to take into.

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